DSTH01; Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module.

After been familiar with the DHT11 and DHT22 (I recommend the second one) for Malina, saw this sensor and wanted to give it a try.

Here is the datasheet for DSTH01.

For that I used an Arduino nano, and the excellent work from Jonas Bo Jalling at this link.

Jonas work is under Beer-ware license 🙂


Although normally I write my code, this was a fast way to get the first tests, and also a way to learn (for example libraries with arduino, processing language…).

The setup…

IMG_1144 IMG_1146 IMG_1150

Cables are connected as follows…

dsth01 – cable – arduino
GND (pin 1) – Green – gnd (pin 29)
SCL (pin 2) -Yellow – a5 (pin  24)
SDA (pin 3) – Orange – a4 (pin 23)
CS (pin 4) -Red – gnd (pin 4)
VCC (pin 5) – Brown – 3v3 (pin 17)

(here is the mapping of the arduino v3.0, though this also gives extra info)

Checking the Arduino serial port…


Checking putty data (selecting serial connection)…

putty_1 putty_2

To create the thermometer that reads the data from the serial port, you can download processing, copy the folder at the place you want to have it, and double-click the program. It opens an interface similar to the Arduino’s interface. Be sure you use the correct com port where you have the Arduino connected.

processin_1 processin_2

A part of 5 short cables and some solder cable.
–  Arduino nano. => 7 eur
–  DSTH01 => 6 eur

Set up is very easy and inexpensive.
Very small and compact, ideal for small projects.
Although I liked to use the soldering iron for years, got a bit into troubles with this one. But I will blame to the presbyopia.

So far, I got similar values than the DHT22, though it seems reacting faster to changes.

Nice to do, coming next:
Add the wifi stuff, some more sensors, and the solar power.
Then this will be a remote thermometer for Malina; will get then a reduction in power consumption, in cost and in size.
Something similar to what is described at this link, or even better, el que hi ha en aquest enllaç.


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